IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening section: 30 minutes+ Transfer time

You listen to 4 recordings of native English speakers and write your answers.

  • Recording 1: A conversation between two people in an everyday social context.
  • Recording 2: A monologue set in an everyday social context. Ex: A speech about local facilities.
  • Recording 3: A conversation between people set in an educational or training context. Ex: A university tutor and a student discussing coursework.
  • Recording 4: A monologue on an academic subject. Ex: A university lecture.

The questions are mainly related to main ideas and detailed facts.

Tips and Tricks for IELTS Listening section preparation

IELTS Listening section is probably the easiest of all the sections and contributes a lot for a high score in IELTS. Students aiming for 7+ band score need to get at least 8 in this section and the below tips can aid you in getting the score.

  • Practice 4 listening tests in a row daily for 7 days.
  • Practice only Real Tests. These are available on YouTube. Please refer to the attached links.
  • Write the answers immediately on your question paper during the exam as you are allowed to do so.
  • While practicing, skip the questions you missed and move on to the next questions.
  • Never think about the previous questions. Always stay in present question.
  • You can see clear improvement from day-1 to day-7. By the end of day-7 you must get 36 question right out of 40. Otherwise, practice for more days.

I was greatly benefitted from these channels particularly for Listening section during my preparation.


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